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Xcalak Life

Looking for a remote place to spend your holidays? Want to learn Mexican culture? Fancy new diving or snorkelling adventures? If you …


¿Eres buzo certificado con experiencia, tal vez incluso un profesional del buceo/instructor, y estás buscando tu próximo desafío? ¡Entrar al mundo del …

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Tradicionalmente, el buceo técnico siempre se enseñó usando tanques dobles montados en la parte trasera, pero la configuración de montaje lateral se …


Starting out in Tec Diving

You’re an experienced certified diver, maybe even a dive professional – be it a divemaster or instructor – and you’re looking for …

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Sidemount V Backmount

Traditionally, Tec diving was always taught using backmounted doubles but sidemount configuration has become more and more “standard” and nowadays you’re just …



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