XTC Tec Diving is a dedicated Technical Diving operation located in Xcalak, Mexico (Caribbean Coast) offering World-Class diving and training in a purpose-built facility, designed with the modern Tec Diver in mind.

Email: gotec@xtcdivecenter.com

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Facilities & Equipment



XTC Tec Diving is located at a dedicated Technical diving facility within the XTC Dive Center compound.

The 90m2 / 970ft2 purpose-built facility was thoughtfully designed thinking of the modern Technical diver and instructor´s needs. It includes: a spacious equipment bench that is suitable for back mount and sidemount equipment, both open and closed circuit that can accommodate up to 8 technical divers comfortably. It includes a classroom complete with Hi-def flatscreen TV for classes and workshops, a separate, large camera table, spacious gear racks and a retail shop.

XTC Dive Center´s state of the art fill station (15m/45 ft from XTC Tec Diving) is equipped with a custom designed gas blending system that allows us to pre-blend any Nitrox or Trimix with an O2 content of less than 40% using a blending stick and any of two Bauer compressors and bank it in our 49 tank bank system that is configured into four different banks that can hold as many mixes for our Tek diver clients. This makes logistics during dive days run much more smoothly. Our two large, air-driven Hydraulics International booster pumps give us redundancy in a key piece of equipment that few Technical diving outfits (especially in tropical locations) have.

We have the ability to quickly top off main and stage cylinders with the same mix the diver was breathing, or for a different dive profile, blend the remaining gas into a different mix using our custom blending panel that is permanently plumbed into our Oxygen, Helium and pre-mix banks. Another key feature of our blending system is that our panel has a “scavenge” feature that allows us to transfer any leftover gas back into the banks or into other cylinders.

This feature allows XTC Tec Diving clients to benefit from our unique gas pricing system where they only pay for the gas they breathed, which significantly reduces gas bills for multi-day Technical diving holidays.


XTC Tec Diving also has a large inventory of rental equipment including 50+ top of the line Apeks regulators, backplates, wings, accessories and myriad of tanks including 80´s (12L), and 40´s for twin set, sidemount and stage configuration with right and left side 200BAR DIN convertible valves as well as 3L rebreather tanks.

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