XTC Tec Diving is a dedicated Technical Diving operation located in Xcalak, Mexico (Caribbean Coast) offering World-Class diving and training in a purpose-built facility, designed with the modern Tec Diver in mind.

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Marine Park


Xcalak Reef National Park

The Xcalak Reef National Park, which includes the waters in front of the 30km stretch of coast, starts at the Bacalar Chico River to the south, which is also the border between Mexico and Belize. The Marine Park was decreed on November 27th 2000 due to an initiative put forth by the inhabitants of this sleepy little fishing village in 1996.

It hosts fantastic bio-diversity both under and above water. In the marine environment the coral is healthy and fish species varied and populous. It has been widely considered one of the healthiest reefs in the Caribbean by many measures. Besides the 31 species of mammal it hosts on land, of which many are endangered and rare, there is also a large manatee population that we may get lucky to interact with at some of our dive sites.

The wetlands within the Park are a RAMSAR site and also protected by the government, making the Xcalak Reef National Park one of the most widely and thoroughly protected National Parks in the region with enough measures in place to ensure it stays that way for years to come.

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