XTC Tec Diving is a dedicated Technical Diving operation located in Xcalak, Mexico (Caribbean Coast) offering World-Class diving and training in a purpose-built facility, designed with the modern Tec Diver in mind.

Email: gotec@xtcdivecenter.com

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Even seasoned technical divers get better experiences when they dive with serious, knowledgeable guides. Gain access to the breathtaking continental shelf in the South of the Yucatan Peninsula in a pristine, protected marine environment thanks to our guides’ experience.

Guided technical dives are stage decompression dives up to the maximum depth the diver is certified to. They may be done using one or multiple stages, depending on your level of certification and wishes. A diving day will include one stage decompression dive.

We suggest booking a multi-day technical diving package including accommodation and a rental car – make the best out of your vacation and get a glimpse of the spectacular deep dive sites in the Xcalak Reef National Park.

In the following sections, you will find more information about our facilities, dive sites and amenities as well as the pricing.

Divers need to show proof of certification and insurance including coverage for Technical dives as well as provide a Medical Statement with a physician’s approval stating they are fit for diving within the previous 12 months.

A shallow assessment dive or confined water session will be conducted prior to the first decompression dive (included in the package).

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