XTC Tec Diving is a dedicated Technical Diving operation located in Xcalak, Mexico (Caribbean Coast) offering World-Class diving and training in a purpose-built facility, designed with the modern Tec Diver in mind.

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Xcalak Town


The town of Xcalak, the southernmost on the Mexican Caribbean coastline, has become a model for sustainable eco-tourism in the Meso-American Reef System area in the last ten years through its conservation status, a result of a well-thought-out and implemented plan, as well as its privileged location and heritage.

Xcalak is on the tip of a peninsula that borders the Caribbean Sea to the east and Chetumal Bay to the west, which are part of a unique, extremely connected and bio-diverse eco-system made up of coral reefs (over 20km of protected reef), mangroves, rivers, lagoons and bays that make for a nature lover’s paradise.

Xcalak is located within the Xcalak Reef National Park, a Federal Marine Park with strict environmental regulations, both in the water and out. It has been a focal point in the study of natural resource management and a priority area for the Federal Government, the World Bank´s World Wildlife Fund and for many other researchers and naturalists. It is not unusual for marine biologists doing a dissertation, high level conservation bureaucrats or professional photographers to join us on the dive boat.

Xcalak is at the center of the Great Maya Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world. Scuba Diving around Xcalak offers incredible diversity. There are deep and shallow walls, unique geographical formations, vast canyons between spur and groove reef systems, swim-throughs, caverns, and an exotic array of Caribbean marine reef creatures.

You will find your cell phone doesn`t work here, internet access is limited, and most lodging options are small beach inns that run on renewable energy. This allows our guests to enjoy a truly memorable experience in a very special place.

More than a decade ago, the locals requested the Federal Government to declare Xcalak a National Park in order to protect it from the development happening to the north of here, where there now is a cruise ship pier. This means that Xcalak is one of the few Marine Reserves that were protected well before there was any development.

When you come to Xcalak you will find an eclectic community of lifelong residents, expatriates and sustainable-tourism entrepreneurs working together to provide you with a collection of small beach inns, guesthouses and eco-tour operations that make Xcalak a hidden gem for people looking for that last unspoiled frontier.

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